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Stephanie Williams

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Stephanie Williams had three weeks to earn enough money to pay her first month’s rent in her new shop. Unlike other entrepreneurs, she had no money on reserve. She took a leap of faith and started BrowZnAround Eyebrow Studio + Spa. The Raleigh native worked tirelessly in her shop to build her clientele and brand.

“I couldn’t hire any employees yet,” Williams said in a candid beauty chat. “I probably worked from open to close for the first three or four months.” Stephanie knew she had to sacrifice to be successful. “I knew that it would pay off in the long run. I took a leap out of faith, and I just hoped and prayed that I would come out good.”

Soon, enough word of mouth spread and Stephanie saw her business grow before her eyes.

Stephanie didn’t always slay eyebrows the way she does now. According to an interview with RollingOut, she landed an internship in high school at a hair salon before discovering her passion for brows.

“Brows are such an important feature on the face, and it can make a big difference, good or bad. Just educating people on how good their brows can look and how it can make a big difference; is what captivated me.” she explained.

Williams has 16 years of experience in the brow industry. She honed her skills at Anastasia Beverly Hills where she learned how to “stay ahead in the beauty field.” While Anastasia is known for using brow stencils, Stephanie mastered free hand.

“I was able to add to my growing expertise in brows. Overall, it was great to get that experience,” she said. But she wanted more. “While working at Anastasia Beverly Hills, I had my third child. Yes, so after that, I wanted to take that leap of faith, and work for myself. I knew I had the skills for it, I had some clientele, so it was really just taking a leap of faith. I just jumped out there and said ‘Let’s do it.’ It was the beginning of a great move. I don’t regret it at all.”

She found a niche with microblading.

“Although brows are my speciality, and what I was focused on, I didn’t stop there. I am a licensed esthetician as well, and at BrowzNAround we offer services from head to toe for both males and females– We offer everything from facials to body waxing. We added eyelash extensions, and now microblading; which is very popular too. I would always try to stay up with the trends, and always offer the latest and best services.”

“Mircoblading is an art of tattooing, so you’re opening the skin to add that pigment into the skin. So whenever you do that you definitely get the longevity of it. So it can definitely last from 6 months to 2 years.”

Stephanie also has a non-profit organization — BrowzN4aCure — inspired by her son who has epilepsy. She offers free makeup to women suffering from cancer, alopecia or various other ailments.

Keep up with BrowzNAround: @browznaroundeyebrowstudio

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