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Is liberal Hollywood coming for your children and using their LGBT puppets like Billy Porter to help push the anti-masculine, anti-straight male agenda?

Many across social media seem to think so.

In case you haven’t heard… the folks over at Sesame Street tapped Emmy-winning Porter to make an appearance on the program’s 51st season.

The “Pose” actor caused an uproar when he announced plans to wear a dress on the legendary children’s television show.

As noted by SandraRose, critics, including Arkansas state senator Jason Rapert, want to know if the public is down with “your taxpayer dollars being used to promote the radical LGBTQ agenda?”

A petition is reportedly circulating calling for the episode to be pulled and accusing the program of trying to “sexualize children using drag queens.”

We understand (mostly) white folks were simply tickled that Porter wore a tuxedo dress to the Oscars , and this is the same dress he plans to wear on “Sesame Street.”

Following news of his upcoming appearance, Porter was slammed with comments from folks quick to tell him his outfit wasn’t appropriate for kids. Many Black parents have expressed on Twitter that they are not down with indoctrinating their sons with the gender-confusion agenda.

The Broadway star clapped back at those who said he was into “perverted demon sex,” insisting: “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it,” Porter said in a statement to Page Six Style, referring to “Sesame Street.”

“Like, what about me singing with a penguin [on the show] has anything to do with what I’m doing in my bedroom?,” he added.

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