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FBI Investigating Claims That Rep. Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother To Get Him To U.S.

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The FBI is reviewing claims Rep. Ilhan Omar, 36, married her brother, and will reportedly share their findings with ICE.

Two agents reportedly met with a source who had documents relating to the congresswoman’s marriage to Ahmed Nur Said ElmiThe New York Post reports.

Word on the curb is that Omar wed British citizen Elmi to help with his immigration to the United States.


The website Somalispot was first to report in 2016 that Omar and Elmi were siblings. According to the Daily Mail, the report said:

“As soon as Ilhan Omar married him he started university at her alma mater North Dakota State University where he graduated in 2012.

“Shortly thereafter, he moved to Minneapolis where he was living in a public housing complex and was later evicted. He then returned to the United Kingdom where he now lives.”

Due to a lack of records in war-torn Somalia, where Omar was born, the allegations that she married her brother have never been proven.

Omar’s office previously called the claims “baseless, absurd rumors.”

Omar reportedly married Elmi on February 12, 2009 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. She was previously married to Ahmed Hirsi, and they had two children before they supposedly called it quits.

According to the Daily Mail report, records suggest that Omar, Elmi and Hirsi all lived together for a while.

The publication even listed a timelines of her two marriage:

1997: Omar and her family settle in Minnesota after fleeing war-torn Somalia 

2002: She marries Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi in a religious ceremony but it is not recognized legally. The pair go on to have two children. 

2008: She and Hirsi separate. Because the marriage was never recognized by law, neither is the separation 

2009: Omar marries Ahmed Elmi in Minneapolis 

2010: He enrolls at North Dakota State University to study fine art and lives with Omar as well as her first husband

2011: Omar claims she and Elmi split this year and he went back to the UK. She reconciles with Hirsi 

2012: Omar and Hirsi have their third child. Elmi is still in the US according to college officials and social media

2013:  Elmi starts working in London 

2017: Omar divorces Elmi

2018: Omar marries Hirsi in a civil ceremony 

2018: The marriage is brought up during Omar’s campaign for Congress 

She denies it and it is largely ignored because of the lack of proof around it


July 2019: President Trump thrusts the rumor back into the spotlight 

July 2019: reveals Omar and Hirsi have separated and she’s moved into a penthouse apartment also reveals Omar’s secret relationship with her married aide Tim Mynett

August 2019: Tim Mynett’s wife files for divorce, claiming her husband had professed his love for Omar 

Early October 2019: Omar formally files for divorce from Hirsi

November 2019: Omar is granted the divorce from Hirsi 

December 12, 2019: Hirsi marries pediatric nurse Ladan Ahmed

December 19, 2019: Mynett is granted a divorce from his wife Beth 

If Omar did marry her brother, she could be found guilty of committing marriage fraud — a felony offense which carries a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to $250,000.