A man was simply seeking to get a circumcision when the doctor made a very grave mistake.

According to DailyMail, Zaw Zaw went to The Iowa Clinic to get circumcision and woke up with a vasectomy. As a result, he was awarded $2 million after a jury ruled against Dr. Kevin Birusingh.

Jurors initially awarded Zaw $1million for past physical and mental pain and suffering, $500,000 for past loss of function of the body, $250,000 for future loss of function of the body and $250,000 for future physical and mental pain and suffering, which totaled to $2 million.

That award was cut down to $1.4 million because the jury found Zaw 30% responsible for the mistake. How? Well…

Birusingh’s attorney says Zaw, who is not fluent in English, signed two informed consents that were translated into Burmese, and completed four consultations before undergoing the procedure.

The lawsuit says there’s no word for ‘vasectomy’ in Burmese.

Although the initial forms that were sent to the hospital and the doctor emphasized FOUR different times that Zaw was to get a circumcision, somehow, those forms were shredded and a mix-up of epic proportions happened. Prior to the surgery, Zaw signed a release form so the jury found him 30% responsible and took $600,000 from him.


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This story was originally posted on Bossip.com

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