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We’ve always wondered if Tamron Hall and Prince were more than just friend and maybe today, we have somewhat of an answer. Tamron, as you may remember, when she was at NBC, was tight with the late musical icon. They texted every day and Prince was her unofficial wardrobe consultant.

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As Tamron explained it, she’d send a selfie of her on-air outfit to Prince and he’d give his approval or not. One day a selfie she’d sent him ended up being a the single cover of a song he did with 3rd Eye Girl called “If Eye Could Get Ur Attention.” He did it without her permission and she found out about it through social media. But she wasn’t mad (’cause who would be)? In fact she talked about it on “The Today Show.”



But until now, we hadn’t heard the full story. Prince also sent Tamron a flirty text, where he told her, with all the Prince abbreviations you’d expect, that he didn’t like the dress because it was touching her body and he wasn’t.

Say word, Tamron?

Tamron told this story to Dan Piepenbring, the writer Prince chose to collaborate with on his memoir ‘The Beautiful Ones” out today. It’s an abbreviated memoir as Prince passed months after the two started collaborating. When talking about Prince, who died of a fentanyl overdose and was found at his Paisley Park studio complex in the early morning hours of April 21, 2016, Tamron still seemed emotional.

She, like Piepenbring, who has been doing the interview rounds to promote the book, saw no signs of a painkiller dependency as she shared when she returned to NBC after taking a few days off after Prince’s death. She also said that one of the last things Prince told her was that she should ‘do it herself’ when it came to TV. And now, that’s exactly what has happened.

Take a look at the video below:

As Tamron reminded the audience, she’s happily married now and has a 8 month-old son, Miles. Oh, but what could have been!

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