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Roland Martin say there was “lots of drama” over the weekend and Benedict college. 10 Democrats showed up to speak and Donald Trump too. Not only did Trump show up, but he also got an award and changed the “format” of his visit. That’s when Martin says  “all hell broke loose.”

Martin talks to President of Benedict college Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis about what went down. She says that the presidential forum was planned by the 2020 Justice Forum and Benedict was the “host site.” She says Trump was initially invited to speak at the forum as a candidate, in that case he would have been asked questions like the other candidates. But, he wasn’t because he declared his trip to South Carolina as an “official white house visit” which shifted the rules and he wasn’t allowed to be asked questions.

Once it became an “official White House visit” secret service was in place and students were advised to “shelter in place” from the time Trump arrived on campus until he left.

Artis points out that the “exact same protocol that was in place when President Obama came to visit a few years ago.”