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At 49, Naomi Campbell is still one of the most sought-after supermodels of all time.

So what does dating look like for one of the most beautiful people in the world? Naomi has been linked with numerous powerful men throughout her career, but now, she’s taking it all in stride.


In a recent cover story for WSJ, she talked about being single and not having her own kids–but that doesn’t keep her from being “mother” to many women.  She is an advocate and mentor to other models coming up in modern times. “I don’t want models of diversity to have to wait as long as I did [for pay equity],” Campbell explained.

When asked if she saw children in her future, she explained, “Not yet—I’ll see what the universe brings me. For now, what the universe has delivered is very much in the spirit of a ‘chosen family.”

The British beauty also opened up about her love life, saying she learned from being in a relationship with Robert De Niro that laying low is of key importance in high-profile relationships.

“For me, privacy is important to know each other, and I always worry that my job will not allow that,” she said. “But I have ways. I was taught that by Robert De Niro.”

She continued, “Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. I don’t have time to be bored, and I don’t have time to be lonely.”

Naomi fills her time steady working and of course, traveling all over the world being and looking fab.

Traveling has saved my life in a certain way—I keep it very limited to who knows what [I’m doing] and where I’m going,” she said.

As she continues modeling and being a boss around the globe, Naomi is never too far from her humble beginnings.

“I’m a survivor,” Campbell told the magazine. “I don’t have a squeaky-clean life, and I don’t pretend to. I was the first to say that I was an addict, and I’m so grateful to God to be a recovering addict and a recovering alcoholic.”