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Not only did Tabay Atkins manage to become the youngest certified yoga teacher in the history of America but he also donates all the proceedings to cancer patients. His last certification was received just a couple of days before his 11th birthday and this will add to his previous 3 certifications.

Tabay Atkins, who lives in Hawaii, was just 6 when he found out his mother had been diagnosed with this disease that hampered her ability to walk among so much more. Just 2 weeks after recovery, she turned to yoga to act as a catalyst for her healing process. She taught herself and eventually opened a kids’ studio which was named Care4Yoga.

“When my mom started yoga, I saw how much it was helping her heal,” Tabay said in an interview. “I decided that I wanted to teach yoga so I could help others heal the way yoga helps heal my mom.”

Once Tabay had trained in this magical form of exercise, he saw his mother heal and remain calm during her period of illness. This is why he worked hard to get his certification – the first of which was the 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga License.

This is when Tabay Atkins was the youngest yoga teacher to have a license along with being the most charitable one. It was found later that 100% of his proceeds from 3 to 4 weekly classes would be donated to benefit children with cancer. It goes without saying that his mom was the proudest mom in America.

“Not only is he the youngest [teacher] but he’s so selfless by wanting to just help people,” Tabay’s mother said. “In all his classes, people are so touched and inspired by him [wanting] to give all of the money he makes at the yoga studio to kids with cancer. [It’s] a very special, very beautiful thing.”

Now Tabay Atkins can be seen persuading people to join yoga by convincing them that yoga is for everyone. He believes that there is no judgment in this form of exercise and no one is too stiff to do yoga. According to him, it is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath!

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