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Comedian Michael Yo is “the half black brother with a Korean mother,” and he loves being him. He grew up in Houston and raised to always be grateful. His dad had a PHd but was raised in the 5th Ward, he wanted Michael to appreciate the opportunities he had so he brought him the the 5th ward often.

He says that his childhood and even adult life are so interesting that a child network is working on a sitcom about his life. Growing up in the 1980s he says he was the only black and Korean child in school.

Since he married his wife, who is white and from Wyoming, he’s realized that people aren’t ignorant to racial issues because they don’t care, sometimes they just don’t understand. Since they’ve been married and had a son, he has noticed his wife changing. Now she notices things like discrimination and they make her mad.

He says his show is inclusive and he wants everyone to be able to enjoy it. Check him out this weekend at the Addison Improv.