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Those of us who still watch “Grey’s Anatomy” know that the show has managed to still remain relevant and fresh. And you don’t have to guess the cause of all that.

All fingers point to Ms. Debbie Allen.

Since Allen has been making moves and calling shots, the show has bounced back. And with a track record of success, it only makes sense that Allen would be looking out for her people

In the last season of “Grey’s,” Jasmine Guy walked into Grey Sloan Memorial hospital with a stiletto lodged in her chest. Come to find out the incident was caused by a night of drinking.

Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) sees her in a bed and recognizes her from his Alcoholics Anonymous group. The two shared a sponsor, a woman who recently passed away, which explains why Guy’s character has fallen off the wagon.

While initially Guy’s character doesn’t want to speak to Webber, eventually the two have a chance to chat.

Now, it seems that we’ll be seeing her on the show a lot more often.

According to Deadline Guy will have a recurring character role on the show. As a woman battling sobriety, it should make for some interesting storylines.

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