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Red Grant is Identifiable by his laugh alone, but today he’s being more serious than usual. Lately he’s been super busy, so much so that he basically lives in three states. He does comedy out of Los Angeles, runs a store in Las Vegas and is aspiring to run for mayor of D.C.

He says he learned early on that if you can get a good scheduler you can keep up with the movement. His Vegas store, The Place,  is actually the biggest clothing store in America. They regularly have celebrities in store to meet and shop with their fans.

Grand shared that he is aspiring to run for mayor of D.C. and Tom thought he was joking at first. But he says, this is real. “Whenever the laugh stops you know I’m serious,” he said.

He grew up in D.C and believes the city has a lot to do with who who he is today. But, unfortunately a lot has changed since he was a child and it “disturbs” him.

“I want to unite the city again,” he explains, continuing, “I’m not a politician, everybody knows I’m not a politician.” But he does make people laugh for a living and want to, ” bring people’s spirits to another level.”

You can catch him this weekend in Dallas at the Arlington Improv.