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“My white Republican husband is starting to hate me because the longer we live through this administration the “BLACKER” I become,” a heartbroken Maryland woman wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

Her confession sparked debate after she revealed how President Trump and right-wing media are straining her marriage.

In a Twitter rant on Saturday, a woman by the name Glass Butterfly shared the challenges of interracial marriage in the age of Trump, Raw Story reports.

“Any interracially and opposing politically affiliated couples going through this? Like…I have NO idea how to balance who we are..or are becoming,” she wrote.

Below are her tweets:

The woman’s posts quickly went viral as folks offered advice on how to deal with her predicament.

“What’s weird…everything I do for  him and our household is starting to be followed by derogatory comments towards me and I’m starting to feel like I’m sucking  MASSA’S dick so I won’t get 40 lashings. And I start to think is it the right media or has this always been who he is,” she wrote.

“I wear African garb….I talk about the GOOD FIGHT,” Glass Butterfly explained. “I’m the LAST person he wants to be involved with. If this is a test…HE is failing miserably.”

Adding, “I didn’t realize this tweet would get this much attention,” she wrote. “I don’t even know how to answer everyone as I am new to twitter. Thank you all for your advice and love. It made me cry. I’m trying to come to terms with who my husband really is and it hurts, it’s hard and I’m confused.”

Some of the reactions to her dilemma included:

“You married a white Republican. What did you expect?,” wrote one white male Twitter user. 

Another user commented, “Excuse me sis? You’re still with him? I’m confused, where’s you’re self worth?”

A third wrote: “Okay first thought. Why did you marry a white republican? Second thought he was a racist regardless of Trump. Perhaps he just wanted to own a black wife. Crude I’m sure but something to think about.”

Another commented “You are a very beautiful young woman so yes be true to yourself and if he becomes abusive then really try to find a way out. You are very strong to even put up with this so you must make the decision. Good luck and God bless you.”

And yet another Twitter user commented under the post: “No One MADE him feel something that wasn’t already there. Once you became someone that maybe his peers didn’t agree with- he started treating you as less than you are. You KNOW the answer. Your just looking for us to give you a different ending- there isn’t one- I’m sorry.”

Sean Cory Copper summed it up with, “There are many white men who love fetishizing black women, while hating black people. Slave owners did this all the time. You already know how this ends.”

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