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A seemingly deranged St. Petersburg,Florida woman was arrested for contaminating the ice cream at a local business with her spit, urine, and snot — forcing the shop to close for days, police say.

Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, has been charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products after tainting $2,000 worth of ice cream at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop in Indian Shore, according to the arrest affidavit sent to USA TODAY by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

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Wypcha was caught on video tampering with the store’s products on several different occasions beginning June 17, the criminal complaint states. Cameras caught her using a bathroom without closing the door and not washing her hands afterward. She then walks over to a freezer and rubs her hands on the ice cream.

Additional videos show her picking her nose and sticking her hands in the desert as well as spitting in the product, BuzzFeed reports.

She was also filmed on June 22 peeing in a bucket used to churn ice cream then pouring her urine into a sink used to wash utensils and bowls.


“She then opens the ice cream freezer, puts her hands inside, and leaves the room,” read the criminal complaint.

Lu Lu’s owners were forced to toss $2,000 worth of ice cream as a result of her actions.

Store owner Paul Chiulli told the Tampa Bay Times on Monday he had to close the shop for five days.


“I guess she didn’t like that we were getting popular,” he said.

Wypcha was arrested Monday and charged with tampering, a first-degree felony, and criminal mischief, a third-degree felony, the report states.

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One thought on “Florida Woman Accused Of Spitting, Urinating Into Ice Cream At Shop

  1. DISGUSTING!!!!!
    WTF is wrong with folks these days? This must be the third such incident within the past week of sick puppies contaminating Ice Cream in the supermarkets.

    What should be done is–once the perp has tainted the Ice Cream, make their ass EAT IT!!!!!
    This should DETER these fools from polluting Ice Cream with their bodily fluids and such.

    Also, penalize them with a stiff FINE–like $500.00!!!!!!!

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