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This week’s episode of ‘Queen Sugar’ is officially called “Face Speckled” (who names these episodes anyway) but after watching it, I’ve dubbed it “Blue’s Blues” for what should be obvious reasons. The reckoning for Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) and Darla (Bianca Lawson) has come. Because of Nova’s book, they have to tell Blue the truth about his paternity, even if they likely wanted more time to do so.

Among the fallout from the book is Aunt Vi’ s (Tina Lifford) continuing depression. She can’t shake Jimmy Dale’s (David Alan Grier) “visit.” It has brought up difficult memories for her, as any woman whose been abused can relate to. Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) – he’s such a gem – is a supportive listener, but as Vi tells him, he can’t fix what’s inside her. But he sure can love her and that’s about all that he can do. Vi will have to, at some point, find her own healing. This almost made me believe that Nova (Rutina Wesley) has done some good, getting people to face their demons, but once again, whose choice should that be?

Nova has to face some demons of her own. Is this a book tour or is a reunite-with-old -lovers tour? Cree Summer guest stars in this episode as Octavia, one of Nova’s former professors who she had an (inappropriate?) relationship with. Octavia is no joke, either, coming for Nova’s neck publicly about her lack of scholarship in the book. Nova explains it’s a memoir, not a scholarly research project.

Turns out this is just foreplay for these two, as they quickly end up in bed. My goodness, Nova moves fast. It’s interesting how Nova’s told everyone else’s business but this professor is only a mention in her book. Octavia’s not too happy about NOT being mentioned more. How funny, when everyone else is mad at Nova for saying too much.

One person who’s doing too much these days is Micah (Nicholas Ashe). He’s getting drunk and getting tattoos. Lawd. What is going on with him these days? Charley is disgusted but basically tells him, “If you’re not going to listen to me, just tel me who you will listen to.” Smart of her, but the problem may be that Charley is not allowing Micah to be an almost grown man and make some decisions on his own. While any mother can understand that she’s protective of him, at the same time, he’s both coddled and entitled and that’s not playing out too well in his life.

Of course, Davis West (Timon Kyle Durrett) isn’t helping. He’s looking for help himself from Charley because the revelations in Nova’s book have hurt his post-NBA career. Protestors don’t want him coaching at their school. Yeah, that job is probably a wrap. But he’s asking Charley to do some crisis-handling for him anyway. She tells him to admit his culpability in the rape and maybe, given the always churning news cycle, he’ll be spared. Charley is a strong woman but she’s made the men in her life too dependent on her.

At least Romero (Walter Perez) can figure things out for himself, even if his character is as dry as old saltines. Sorry, their chemistry is tepid, at best. Kinda wishing that Charley and Remy (Dondre Whitfield) would get back together because at least he was a stronger personality. But he’s leaving St. Josephine, because he’s gotta go find himself. Um, OK, I think this just means that he’s outlived his usefulness on the show, which is too bad, because he’ll be missed.

Sometimes I think “Queen Sugar” doesn’t go far enough with its male characters. They are either always nice like Hollywood, or a hot mess like Davis or crazy AF like Jimmy Dale. However, the evolution of Ralph Angel is nice to see. (Also, is it my imagination or is he getting finer each episode?) He’s taking women on real dates. He and his new boo, Deesha, (Erica Tazel) even go on a picnic. But just when you think RA has the chance at new love…bam, he’s gotta handle his business with Blue. It seems Blue has found out from a school friend about what’s in the book.

Ralph Angel rushes over to Darla’s and they two finally have the talk with Blue that had to happen. Ralph Angel explains that while he’s not Blue’s biological father (did you choke up when Blue innocently asked what that meant?) they are tied at the heart. If you didn’t cry during this scene, you must be missing tear ducts. It’s been a rocky road, but Ralph Angel is truly turning into a man.

Charley’s man is finding out that things aren’t easy when you’re connected to the Bordelons. Seems like more than just the Landrys are her enemies. She and Romero’s sanctuary clinic for undocumented workers is raided by ICE. That should be against the law, but someone has gotten around it. Turns out some folks wanted that jail – remember, a lot of small towns depend on them. They are big mad at Charley. What does she do? She decides she might have to run for City Council. Girl, you take on a whole lot.

NOTE: ‘Queen Sugar’ skips a week next week and will be back on Wednesday, July 24th.

And that’s that for this week’s edition of ‘Queen Sugar?’ What did you think of the episode?