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DC Metro Transit Police reportedly  opened an internal investigation into an officer’s use of force during an arrest at the U Street Metro station.

A video of the incident has sparked outrage on social media, as it shows a Metro Transit Police officer using a taser on an unarmed Black man who allegedly interfered in an MTPD investigation on Saturday.

The video appears to show two MTPD officers asking questions of two juveniles on a Metro platform, while a man asks questions of the officers.

Then, a third MTPD officer engages the man, pushes him back and uses a taser after the man raises his hands.

“We take use-of-force matters seriously, and we are committed to fostering the public’s trust in us,” Metro Transit Police said in a statement posted on Twitter.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with groups like Black Lives Matter DC.

D.C. Council member Robert C. White, Jr. condemned the actions by the police officer.

“The violent and dangerous escalation here by @wmata Transit Police is terrifying. It put lives unnecessarily in danger and it breeds anger and distrust that move us further away from public safety. I have contacted the Chief of WMATA Transit Police,” White said on Twitter.

The investigation is ongoing.

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6 thoughts on “DC Metro Officers Tase Man [Video]

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Excellent job by that brother looking out for those black kids. There is nothing innocent about blue racists questioning kids without their parents. They can’t be trusted. White racists hate to be questioned, but they love to put on a uniform and question you.

    • Butter Pecan on said:

      Parents? I know you trippin’ now. Be acting like 78% of kids aren’t born to baby mama. Maybe this is the root of the problem. How about some meaningful conversation on dat SD? Nope you won’t go there. Easier to blame others.

  2. S,D, on said:

    Don’t worry about that idiot, Stephanie – – if she truly believe what she is saying, she will soon get what she has coming to her for her stupidity. Save your intellect for more meaningful conversation.

      • Butter Pecan on said:

        These innocent kids were threatening Metro riders with sticks, aka clubs. Keep ignoring deviant behavior and our neighborhoods will continue to be shyt. People like you that embolden thugs to commit crimes, because they know pansies like you won’t snitch. Sickens me. Now get to steppin’ fore I give you some love Sandra Bland style

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