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A casual and fun discussion about cards sparked debate across social media about whether actor/comedian Tim Allen is a racist.

The drama kicked off Tuesday when Global Grind’s entertainment reporter Xilla Valentine posted a clip of his interview with Tom Hanks and Allen during a “Toy Story 4” junket, and he gave the former props for his knowledge of Spades, a cards game popular among Black folks.

Allen’s lack of knowledge of game left Black Twitter feeling some way – and many criticized his demeanor in the clip, noting that his grouchy attitude seemed to support accusations that he’s a racist.

As noted by TooFab, Valentine later shared a longer interview featuring Hanks and retweeted a message that Allen “isn’t as grouchy as he comes off.”

Allen began trending on Twitter Wednesday when commenters cited a past interview in which he argued for his right to say the n-word.

Writer Scott Weinberg, who called Allen a “stupid f***ing bigot,” shared a screenshot from the 2013 interview with the Tampa Bay Times, which was referenced in a Daily Mail article.

“I’ve had this argument on stage a million times. I do a movie with Martin Lawrence and pretty soon they’re referring to me, ‘hey, my n—–’s up,’” Allen says in the interview. “So I’m the n—– if I’m around you guys but seven feet away, if I said n—–, it’s not right.”

Allen’s comments were slammed in 2013 and now that they’ve been resurrected folks are just as outraged.

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6 thoughts on “Tim Allen Accused Of Racism After Old ‘N-Word Interview’ Resurfaces [Video]

  1. First of all, African Americans CANNOT be RACIST.
    WE HAVE NO POWER in Amerykah to be such.
    Since white folks hold all of the power–THEY ARE RACISTS!!!!!

    Second, I have never liked Tim Allen, so his IGNORANT ass-means NOTHING TO ME!!!!!

    • Brnblesed on said:

      Yes African Americans CAN be racist… there are quite a few that are. EVERYONE can be racist it’s up to the individual whether they chose to be or not. White people only have the power that YOU give them. You don’t have to like Tim Allen or anyone else that’s up to you. But you calling him out of his name not only proves you have your own form of racism but it shows ignorance as well..

      • Bigblock on said:

        100% agree with you on that. Both white AND black people can be racist. Its not just one or the other.

      • Butter Pecan on said:

        STFU L, you ignorant racist. Now get to steppin fore I give you some love, Sandra Bland style

  2. I agree with brnblesed. Racism will always be here. Pray for your enemies. Pray and take positive action to help our young black men that are destroying each other. It should be our priority.

  3. Brnblesed on said:

    I’m sick and tired of people “looking” for a reason to call someone racist or taking what they said YEARS ago out of context. Get a damn life!!!! There are more important issues than looking for white folks or anyone else that has used the n-word and calling them racist. Hell black people use it more than anyone else . Just because they are “black” doesn’t make them any less racist than anyone else that uses it.

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