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A Georgia teenager thought he was going to die after a road-rage incident escalated out of control. The teen ended up being dragged by his head out of a car window; it was all caught on his dash camera.

“It would be just my word against his if I didn’t have it,” the teenager, only identified as Dalton, told Channel 2 Action News.

The teen turned when another driver allegedly ran him off the road, the news station reported. The other driver, identified as Emmitt Grubbs, came around from the shoulder and blocked the teenager, resulting in a bumper-to-bumper collision.

It escalated from there and Grubbs allegedly punched Dalton in the face, took his keys and went back to his car. According to reports. teen wanted his keys back and pursued Grubbs. At that point, Grubbs put him in a headlock and dragged him about half a mile at 40 mph.

“When he started dragging me, I was holding onto the car because I knew as soon as he let go, I would just fall right off,” Dalton said.

“As he was dragging me, he said I’m going to kill you,” Dalton told Channel 2.

“He let go, and he took his hand and he shoved me out of the car,” Dalton said.

Records show Grubbs was charged with simple battery after another road rage incident in 2016 and sentenced to 12 months’ probation.

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3 thoughts on “Teen Held By Head And Dragged At 40 Mph During Road-Rage Incident [Video]

  1. What this racist website doesn’t tell you is the kid was white and Grubbs black. Races reversed it would be all over CNN and the rest of the liberal pig news networks calling it a hate crime. This is nothing more than a hate crime by another violent racist black.~

  2. Maybe Grubbs SHOULD NOT have a license to drive anymore.
    This time, he should be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER!!!!!!!!!!

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