An Indiana teen was sentenced to 45 years in prison on Wednesday for the fatal stabbing of her mother two years ago.

Chastinea Reeves, now 17, was 15 when she murdered her mother, Jamie Garnett — stabbing her 60 times at their Gary home. She was sentenced this week by a Lake Superior Court judge as part of a plea deal, the Chicago Tribune report.

During the hearing, the teen told the judge she regretted killing her mother.

Garnett, 34, was found dead inside her home in February 2017. An AMBER Alert was issued for Reeves who was later located and taken into custody. She was charged with murder and in May pleaded guilty, accepting a plea deal, according to the Tribune. But she has never offered a reason or hinted at a motive as to why she wanted to end her mother’s life.

Rather than going to trial, the teenager opted to take a plea deal in which she agreed to plead guilty to murder and be sentenced to 45 years in prison, “with no alternative placement,” the report states.

According to the deal, Reeves had “what appeared to be blood on her clothing” and took “a knife out of her purse” that had “a broken tip and what appeared to be blood on it,” the docs states.

“Why did you feel you had to do this to your mom?” Judge Diane Boswell asked her during sentencing.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Reeves replied.

“I cannot accept this plea, and you can go to trial and face up to 65 years,” Boswell added. “Help me understand why you did this. Your being young doesn’t impress me. You knew better. You knew better than this.”

A tearful Reeves said, “If I could go back, I wouldn’t do it. I do miss my mother.”

The teen’s grandmother (Garnett’s mother) spoke during the hearing, saying her granddaughter had no criminal record before she committed the grisly act against her mother, PEOPLE reports.

“I don’t know exactly what to say,” said Rosemary Cruz, asking for her granddaughter to receive therapy,NWI Times reports.

“Something’s wrong,” Cruz said. “Something snapped. I hope she can get some type of help mentally to get through what she has done.”

“She’ll be in her 50s when she’s released, and that’s an incredible portion of her life,” said defense attorney John Cantrell.

Two others, Matthew Martin, 18, and Virgil King, 19, were also charged as adults in connection with Garnett’s death.

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