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Recently Niecy Nash sat down with a group of actresses for a round table with The Hollywood Reporter. The actresses were asked, “what is it that you don’t want to do;” a lot of the actresses said things like “I don’t want to be objectified by men.” But, Nash shocked them when her answer was that she doesn’t want to play “another sassy Black maid.”

In fact, she says she doesn’t want to play “another sassy black anything.” She felt like she’s been there and done that and was over it. But,  she found it hard to break out and get different roles.”Hollywood was kind but they were very clear in that ‘you have a lane’,” she explained. It seemed like no matter what she did she was being asked to, “put a little more sass on it.” But when she was finally given the chance to play a dramatic role in “Getting On” on HBO, she was nominated for an Emmy! In that moment she says she was like, “see! I Told y’all I could do it!”

Nash keeps busy these days and she makes sure the people she knows and loves are busy too. Every time she gets an opportunity to work she makes sure those she cares about can “eat” too, “I don’t want to be selfish,” she says.