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Very few artists are able to inspire, educate and spread love through their music; Kirk Franklin is one of those artists. Since his very first album in 1993, he’s been inspiring people and sharing the love of God all across the world.

His thirteenth album, Long Live Love, comes out on May 31 and each of the songs has purpose. For example, Just For Me, is a message for people that even their struggles are specific to them and are given to them by God to help them grow.

As big of a star as he is, Franklin is very “humble” in all that he does. He explains that he’s able to stay humble and grateful because, “I know God loves me but he don’t need me.” He knows that “God can use anybody to do what he needs to do.”

The music comes to him at random times, like when he’s “walking down the street,” or “taking a shower” he explains. Franklin believes that the songs he sings are not his but God’s and God “so dope” for allowing him to “borrow” them.

Franklin will hit the road to tour his new album in July.