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The Real co-host Loni Love sat down with MadameNoire to dish about representation and the challenges she faces being a full-figured, dark-skinned woman on a hit daytime talk show.

Although her co-hosts Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Houghton and Tamera Mowry-Housley are also women of color, Loni noted their differences are why she has to always be mindful of what she says on air.

“Being on a show like The Real, I’m the darkest and I’m the biggest girl,” Love said.

“You have to understand, even though they’re women of color, you have to look at the women of color I’m sitting next to. If there’s a certain subject, there’s a certain way I have to deliver things because if I have this thin Asian chick next to me and I’m barking at her that’s the way it’s going to look to America.”

Loni also noted the improper lighting in the earlier seasons of the talk show, which she says altered her appearance, which made her even more aware of how the audience might react to her comments.

“Even just with lighting on the show, we didn’t have the proper lighting for dark-skinned big women and sometimes you couldn’t even see my face,” she recalled.

“It’s because of that you had to change some things, they take your message a different way, if you don’t look a certain way to them,” Love continued. “I had to try and fix that. It’s gotten a lot better for our show.”

Check out the full conversation with Loni via the video above.

Loni also opened up to ABC Radio about her new boo, businessman James Welsh, who she meet via a dating app. James had no idea she was a famous comedian when they first hooked up.

She shared a cute story about how he reacted once he finally realized she’s famous.

“‘Why are you walking the carpet?’” Love recalls Welsh asking her when they first met at a film premiere. “‘Oh, you have a line in the movie?’ I was like, ‘No I don’t. I just got to walk the carpet.’”

She continues, “[Then we] went to a premiere party. And at the premiere party people from the movie kept coming up to me going, ‘Loni! I love you on The Real …’ And you can see when the first person came he was listening to them. And you could see his face change because he was like, ‘What?’ And then the next person, then the next person, and then it hit him: The Real.”

Chalk it up to the fact that “he’s a man” and “he has his own business” as to why James was clueless about her fame.

“And so, we were talking and when I would mention, ‘Oh I got a comedy show,’ he thought, ‘Oh, it’s like a little open mic or something like that,’” she adds.

“So then, at one point, in the party — he turned he said, ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you were Loni Love from…,’” she says. “And I thought that was so cool and it was so sweet.”

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