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Just when we thought Kevin Hunter couldn’t get any more triffling, he went and proved us all wrong.

Wendy Williams soon-to-be ex husband now wants to be paid spousal support and child support despite the fact that their son is going to be 19.

According to Page Six, Hunter is also requesting the famed talk show host pay for their son’s college tuition, as well as “equitable distribution of all personal assets.”

Apparently, Wendy has said that she will work to establish an “appropriate amount of child support” as well as “other further relief as the Court deems fair and equitable.”

Listen…she’s better than us.

In April, Williams filed for divorce from her husband of nearly 23 years, having those papers delivered at 6:30am. Hunter has also been fired as the executive producer of talk show.

As we know, there are plenty of reasons for Williams to walk away from her marriage, which includes Hunter allegedly having a decade long affair with Hudson, perhaps even having a baby with her. That, and Williams has been battling with addiction issues, which Hunter’s alleged cheating may have caused her to spiral.

Not to mention, there have been accusations of physical abuse, including a report that the police came to their home earlier this year because someone had accused Kevin of poisoning the talk show host.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We are glad that Wendy is getting as far away from Kevin as possible. Hopefully, she won’t have to pay half of her hard earned money to get him to go away for good.


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6 thoughts on “Kevin Hunter Wants Spousal And Child Support From Wendy Williams

  1. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Funny………The same private affairs that Wendy preys on and exposes on her show is the same thing that is happening to her. Need not to forget the other women and men she blasted on her show for the same thing that is happening to her. I dont feel sorry for her at all, she played like she had the perfect marriage until the cards fell down. Wendy is no angel here having a gossip show and talking about celebrities personal lives. He helped build her platform its only fair there is a settlement or support, remember she is the one on TV not him. Pay him and move on. Its funny that if this was another person going through this she would be trying to get as much dirt as possible. However on her show she stayed away from it. She should be canceled.

  2. Dedrick Lucas on said:

    It’s all good when the woman receives spouses support….But when a man ask for it, he not a man. He help build that career he build that brand that Wendy is sitting on. Pay him and move on…

  3. Child and spousal support???? First of all he ceased being a “spouse” when he took up with his side piece and had a child with her. Secondly, the only “child” he has is with his side piece and if I were in Wendy’s shoes, he’d have a helluva battle on his hands before getting any of my money, and I damn sure wouldn’t be paying any “child support” to him and his side piece for their child. As far as spousal support, get a job brother or go live off you’re side piece.
    Divorce laws need a major do over.

  4. Patricia Burns on said:

    He’s lower than the lowest form of life in the planet. He deserves nothing and because of his infidelities he should be entitled to nothing! That filthy, disgusting scum. He is so less than a real man to even ask a woman to support him. But then there are so many who are like that and of both sexes. Burn him up really good Wendy!!

  5. Kevin Hunter is a PIG, hopefully Wendy lawyers are on their JOB. This Bumb don’t deserve a dime but that’s not how it works in the real world. All the money Hunter have spend on his love interests should be deducted from any spousal support he is entitled too. As, for child support, Hunter needs to get real. He is a REAL JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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