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Are there specific symptoms to look for or are there any pre warning signs that your body will give as a sign of lupus?

I am not a physician, but some common symptoms include fatigue, rashes/eczema, unexplained fevers, chest pain, hair loss, and anemia.

Is it true that if you have one autoimmune disease or illness you will develop another one? I have Hashimoto’s and now I have vitiligo.

I am not a physician, but studies have shown that people who have one autoimmune disease can have another. It does not mean that you will have another one. I only have one, and I’m sure just like you, you don’t want a second.

Is turmeric good for the joints for lupus?

I am not a physician and can’t give a definite answer on that, but I have heard that turmeric has been used as an anti-inflammatory root.

Is lupus hereditary?

Studies have shown that there is a genetic link and that people in the same family can be affected by lupus. People with lupus also tend to have family members who have other autoimmune diseases.

Are dark cuticles a sign? Also how to get a definitive diagnosis like she did?

Dark cuticles are not listed as a common symptom for lupus. Cutaneous lupus affects the skin and often appears as a rash or lesions on the face.

I have a family history of lupus. I had a blood test at 50 which came back negative. Do I need to have another one later or am I out of the woods?

It all depends on whether or not you’re presenting symptoms. If you are, tell your physician and he/she may test you again.

What type of doctor should we see and what test do we need to rule out lupus?

I am not a physician, but a Rheumatologist is the specialist that diagnoses and treats lupus. If a patient exhibits symptoms, he/she will performs tests including an ANA & other tests that can measure your organ functions & other factors.

Good morning. I have been breaking out, sore joints, and sometimes I suffer with headaches. I have been to dermatologist and rheumatoid specialist. They both don’t know what it is. I suffer with hypothyroidism on top of that. Lupus runs in my family but the couple of times I have been checked for lupus it comes back negative.

If you don’t feel well, you need to advocate for yourself. If you are not satisfied with the information you are receiving, seek healthcare practitioners who will take your concerns seriously. Ask questions – it may not be lupus because the symptoms are similar to other diseases, but be persistent and find out what making you feel unwell.

Does lupus affect your sex life?

I am not a physician, but some patients suffer from lesions in their mouth and some women in their vagina. That could make sex uncomfortable. Additionally, fatigue is a major symptom and can cause a patient to be uninterested in or unable to do a lot of things, including having sex.

Is there a type of lupus that only effects the skin?

Yes, cutaneous lupus affects the skin and can include rashes, lesions and potential scarring.

I have a first cousin that has lupus. I was tested for lupus a couple of years ago because of my symptoms… unexplained hair loss, insomnia, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, including sudden elevated blood pressure while taking medication. I am currently seeing a rheumatologist. My test results were negative for lupus a couple years ago but I did get a fibromaygia diagnosis and I’m still in pain. 

Talk to your rheumatologist. I consider a life with consistent pain that is unaddressed unacceptable. Ask your physician if there are other potential health conditions that may be affecting you. Find a physician that will work with you to be well, and don’t be afraid to find someone new if your current team isn’t on board with your health goals.

Adrienne Nicole is an Emmy-nominated producer, writer, and director with a vibrant future and innovation to match. Recording her first interview at age 6, she knew then that storytelling was her passion. Now, with over 15 years experience, her remarkable body of work and other collaborative projects feed her desire to tell captivating, authentic stories of minorities through a lens that is genuine, authentic, and accurate. Nicole, who was diagnosed with lupus, is a lupus advocate who wants to help others to live fully with lupus. 



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