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A 25-year-old Memphis woman has been arrested after videos shared on social media showed her sexually abusing a four-year-old boy.

Police identified Tamara Marion as the woman in two videos performing oral sex on the child as well as the child attempting to perform an act on her. Authorities became aware of the clip on Monday after receiving a tip, WREG reported via the Daily Mail.

It’s also not known at this time if another person recorded the videos or if she acted alone. Her relationship with the child has also not been released.

One Twitter user said “I hope she’s not the parent!! And if she’s not the parent, I can’t believe the parents haven’t already choked her to death.”

Police have not said whether they are searching for additional suspects.

Marion reportedly celebrated her 25th birthday this week while in custody, booked on multiple charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and rape of a child.

She is being held in Shelby County Jail in lieu of $300,000 bond ahead of her next court appearance.

Marion was previously arrested earlier this year after threatening to kill a woman while at court on a vandalism charge, WREG reported. Authorities said Marion stated, “she put these false charges on me. When I get out, I’m going to come back here and kill her.”

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7 thoughts on “Memphis Woman Arrested After Two Videos Show Her Allegedly Raping Four-Year-Old Boy [Video]

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Vile. It’s bad enough she performed an act on him, but then to force him to perform an act on her – sickening. Please get that child some help.

  2. Amber on said:

    Why havent this made national news and be on 24/7. REAL cases like this needs to be discussed because it is showing a REAL VICTIM. Where are you at Oprah? I wait, wont bring in ratings.

    • African American Woman on said:

      I guess this is your attempt at trying to take two totally separate events and try to merge them into some sort of victimization. You have to know that, sadly, sick people hurt kids 24-7. For one you find out about, there’s THOUSANDS who suffer in silence. Fame and fortune sell because people are drawn to public figures and scandals. This child, unfortunately, isn’t rich, nor famous so , unfortunately, he won’t make national news. Fame and fortune determine your status in society. If you don’t have it-and most of us don’t-whatever happens to you is not going to be much importance to anyone.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    What in the hell is wrong with people??? How in the world could someone bring themselves to do something so sick? This turns my stomach. They should take anyone who hurts a child and put them in gen pop in a high security prison. Even the worst of the worst criminals don’t like child abusers.

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