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Protests erupted throughout several Connecticut neighborhoods Friday after police shot at an unarmed Black couple as they sat in their car.

NBC reports, 22-year-old Stephanie Washington and her boyfriend, Paul Witherspoon, were sitting in a car near Yale University when two officers began shooting into the car om April 16.

The  surveillance footage reportedly shows, Hamden Police Officer Devin Eaton exit his patrol car and immediately unload his weapon into the red Honda. According to police, the car matched the description of another vehicle involved in an armed robbery. The officers, Washington and Witherspoon, were identified by NBC Connecticut as Black.

Yale University Police Officer Terrance Pollock was reportedly also involved in the incident. While Eaton fired into the car from one side, Pollock fired his weapon from the other side before running away from the scene.

Washington was taken to a hospital is reportedly expected to survive. Witherspoon, was not injured in the shooting, and told reporters that he’ll never forget what he experienced that day.

“I’ve heard gunshots before but it’s a different feeling when somebody’s shooting at you… when the police are shooting at you,” Witherspoon said.

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp said, “this incident betrays police activity gone horribly wrong along the Hamden-New Haven line and now Stephanie, as well as many residents, her family, her friends, must live with the consequences and resulting uncertainty of what was by every definition an unacceptable response,”  reports the Associated Press.

Since the shooting, Black Lives Matter demonstrators and Yale students have held multiple protests in New Haven and Hamden. Police have not yet stated if any disciplinary action will be taken against the officers.

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11 thoughts on “Connecticut Police Open Fire On Unarmed Black Couple Sitting In Their Car

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    If these blue racists weren’t so incompetent with their fire arms this couple would be dead. On one hand their incompetence suck on the other hand, it saved this innocent couple. They matched the description – black!! “I am so deeply sorry to the individuals who were involved that this ever occurred, and also very thankful that the healing has begun,” Hamden Mayor said on Twitter. “We will do better. We must do better.” Fool – nobody is healing except the innocent victims. Black people stop being fools. Stop accepting insecure apologies. These racists tried to kill that woman. Why take the man to jail for questioning? Their hearts fell into their behinds when that couldn’t charge him for having a thin mint. I guess this couple minding their own business was also looking for the “ghetto lottery.” Naw coons – they were just trying to be free.

  2. Wiz2112 on said:

    Scary assed police and they wonder why the general public has no respect for them. You can’t shoot, beat and harass folks because you are hiding behind a badge and uniform. It’s not just a minority issue either, the police in America since the “patriot act” was enacted have acted like military stormtroopers with no respect for people.

  3. These are hired assassins funded with taxpayers dollars. WTF. Extensive training bull. They look for to killings people of color. But their soulless demonic asses will burn for all eternity in hell. They will pay. Neo-Nazi racists dogs!!!!

  4. The FIRST training ALL PIGS across this country should receive is–STOP SHOOTING/KILLING

    At least once a week, WE are reading about some shooting incident involving PIGS and UN-armed/INNOCENT folks of COLOR.

    This is nothing but URBAN GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!—-this SHIT NEEDS TO STOP.

    • Bull!!! These assassins are killers funded with taxpayers dollars. If they had been white none of this would have happened. I hope these racist dogs burn for all eternity in Hell!!!

      • Verónica on said:

        Some years ago a cop went off the rails in southern CA. During the manhunt for him cops shot and killed the occupants of two trucks that looked like his. In the end they incinerated him in a mountain chalet. I assumed this was to stop him divulging misconduct within the service and as a warning to others who might have wanted to blow the whistle.

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