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An Atlanta Police Department incident report reveals next to nothing about an officer-involved shooting that killed community activist Oscar Cain.

“I, Officer (Marquee) Kelley, discharged my city issued 9mm Glock … at a suspect at 501 Connelle (sic) Avenue,” reads part of the three-sentence report. More details about the shooting would have been able to be pulled from Kelley’s body camera, but The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, he never turned it on.

After the March 31 shooting, Atlanta police took Kelley’s gun and placed him on a three-day leave, which is reportedly protocol after an officer fires a weapon.

Kelley was reportedly placed on administrative duty before the investigation into the shooting was complete, and before Cain’s family had buried him.

Atlanta police Chief Erika Shields reportedly planned to return Kelley to full duty but changed her mind. “After careful consideration, she felt that was in the best interest of the investigation and of all parties involved,” Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said in a statement.

Jacqueline Sanders buried her 32-year-old son, Oscar, after Kelley’s return to work.

“I have my breakdowns, I do a lot of crying, praying,” she said. “My family has been calling me checking up on me. They’ve been with me.”

Cain was reportedly shot and killed after he showed a gun during a chase with Kelley, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. According to reports, a citizen flagged down Kelley about an armed person, later identified as Cain.

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4 thoughts on “Body Camera Not Activated Before Officer Fatally Shot Atlanta Community Activist

  1. Peter Griffin (The real one, not a cartoon) on said:

    There is an easy solution: Body camera not turned on, the officer is guilty of murder until proven innocent.

  2. PIGS don’t want to use the BodyCams.
    They are the BEST EVIDENCE in court.

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    That blue racist is lying and will get away with it. If a citizen didn’t record the murder of Walter Scott – that blue racist liar would be free. These especially white racist slave patrols should not be trusted. Black people stop saying yessir and shaking their hands. None of them are good – none. Stop being simple minded. If you were enslaved and the racist gave you one day of rest, let you play music and pray – you praise that racists as a good one. You’re still being enslaved. Wake up! These racists and their coons are not for black people.

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