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According to NBC News, the Richmond Police Department launched an internal investigation after 13-year-old Cameron Hillard, a student at Albert Hill Middle School in Richmond, Va., shared a video of a police officer yelling out of the window of his police cruiser to a group of students.

In the video posted to Facebook, the students are walking to an afterschool activity when the officer, who is reportedly white, pulled up in front of the students.

“Someone said a curse word … like ‘F-the police.’” Hillard told the station. “It wasn’t me and my friends but he didn’t know who said it so he asked who said it.”

“Even if we did say that, that’s our choice of words,” someone can be heard saying in the video. Another person says “Yes sir,” which prompts the officer to make a shocking statement.

“Wait till your asses turn 18,” yells the officer. “Then you’re mine!” He then drove off.

In a statement, Richmond Police Interim Chief William C. Smith apologized to the students and said that the department launched an internal investigation into the incident after they were made aware of the video. When law enforcement officials concluded the investigation, they simply assigned him to another part of the city.

“His actions do not reflect the values, training, or policies of the department,” said Smith of the officer whose name was not released. “While these facts don’t minimize the incident, they do give you the totality of the person.”

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