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Another day, another gang of officers overstepping their authority.

Ben McBride was recorded standing up for a Black woman who was being harassed by police officers in Richmond, California. He accused the police of not using discretion in the matter – as he put it, the police could’ve simply written her a ticket for not having the right tags for her vehicle. Instead, they had her car towed.

“You could’ve used that discretion, but you chose not to. And that, sir, is the reason why Black people do not have trust for White police officers in their communities…” McBride yelled.

There’s no word on the outcome, but he certainly let them have it. “You should be ashamed of yourself,” he hurled at the officers over and over again, while they stood around and laughed.

“So you can laugh, you can smile, you can look away, but tonight, sir, you have demonstrated yourself to be without humanity. Tonight, sir, you have rendered yourself and demonstrated yourself to not have compassion, and for that, you should be ashamed,” he continued.

Watch the Facebook video posted by McBride above.


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7 thoughts on “Man Defends A Black Woman Being Harassed By Richmond Police Officers

  1. Even though she was in the wrong he could have shown some empathy and just gave her a ticket especially seeing her condition. I can guarantee you if she was one of his kind in the same condition she most likely would have just got a warning. Cops like that are really just bullies that were probably bullied and the badge give them the courage they never had. Trump got’em crawling out from under the rocks so they feel they can stick their chest out and be bold with their racism since they now have a national leader. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we can only take so much until we can’t take no more and this time THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED !!!!

  2. Trump is about to see his days numbered and twin see u comment all the time on this blog I know yo ass is a trolley and ha The POTUS done his 8 years jackass

  3. She knew she was breaking the law by driving with plates that didn’t belong on that vehicle and did it anyway. Sorry, you don’t get to choose which laws are enforced. Well, Obama did, but those days are coming to a quick end.

    • Larry you missed the point entirely. She in fact may have broken the law…..but the gentleman was saying that the officers – if they had tried to hear her reason as to why – they would have saw that she was just trying to make it the best way she could. The gentleman was saying that the police officers could have chosen to show compassion, but instead chose to harass – which is why people in the community do not trust them. But Larry I read all your comments on all the subjects you feel the need to comment on and you obviously are on this site to spew hate – but instead of me calling you just what you are……I will pray for you. Also, it’s said that you always refer back to something you claim President Obama did or did not do. You sound like a 10 year old…..”well, Johnny did it too!” SMH I’m sure your parents are proud of the person you have become!

    • specialt757 on said:

      @larry/lawrence dunce hat
      No comment about trump settling a fraud lawsuit for a fake university huh? But always finding away to bring Prez Obama’s name up, that doesn’t matter, because Barack Obama is something you will never be, PRESIDENT. White people like you disgust me, always in black folks business, you must be jealous.

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