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A painting known as “Salvator Mundi” done by legendary artist Leonardo Da Vinci has disappeared in Abu Dhabi. According to the Christian Post, it was purchased by Saudi prince Bader bin bdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud for $450 million.

The painting after being purchased was supposed to be on display at Louvre Abu Dhabi, but right before the unveiling it was cancelled. Reports state that officials refuse to answer questions about what happened and said, “staff of the Louvre Abu Dhabi say privately that they have no knowledge of the painting’s whereabouts.”

Everyone is hoping that the painting shows up again.

Dianne Modestini, a professor at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts said, “It is tragic. To deprive the art lovers and many others who were moved by this picture — a masterpiece of such rarity — is deeply unfair.”

Reports state that the painting was done in 1500 and we hope they can find it.

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