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A Tennessee woman will spend 12 years in prison after leaving a stolen gun in a Georgia hotel room and trying to cover up what happened when her 5-year-old nephew got it and shot a 3-year-old in the mouth.

On May 28, Tashia Lenette Woods reportedly left the weapon, which was stolen from a gun store in Clarksville, Tenn., in an unsecured bag on the floor of her Georgia hotel room. The 5-year-old found the gun and shot the woman’s boyfriend’s son in the mouth, causing him to lose teeth and have speech issues.

According to reports the victim’s father was outside the room smoking a cigarette while Woods was reportedly looking outside for marijuana she threw away on accident. The only other adult in the room was sleeping, leaving the two children and an 11-year-old unsupervised.

Channel 2 reports, Woods initially threw the gun in a trash can after the incident before changing her mind and hiding it in a makeshift compartment in her car. She never called 911, and the child’s father drove the boy to the hospital.

Woods pleaded guilty Thursday and was sentenced to 12 years. After serving her prison sentence, she will be required to remain on probation for eight years.

“I’m just sorry. I feel remorse about what happened,” Woods said in court. “I take responsibility for everything that happened that day. And let everyone know I’m sorry.”

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3 thoughts on “Woman Sentenced For Hiding Stolen Gun After Nephew, 5, Shot 3-Year-Old

  1. Butter Pecan on said:

    No offense AAW, you know I got respect, but black women are the worst stewards of life on this planet. Bar none

  2. African American Woman on said:

    That poor 3 year old will have to deal with this for the rest of his life and I pray that the 5 year doesn’t remember and if he does, doesn’t blame himself for the actions of these two idiots. I also hope these children are in the care of people who love, protect and care for them.

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