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We’ve finally got a snap of Jay and Bey‘s babies. Yep, we’re talking all three of the cuties. There’s big sis, Blue Ivy literally holdin’ down the twins, Rumi and Sir.

The Instagram pic which is sepia toned for great effect, the setting is a grassy area with 7-year-old Blue Ivy holding the twins. The image is a photo taken of a photo hanging on a wall. The reflection from a nearby light source nearly obscures Blue Ivy’s nose and mouth in the photo. See the photo here.

The twins were born on June 1, 2017. And since we’re discussing the Carter youngins, according to Sandra Rose, “Beyonce fans say the boy; Sir, is the spitting image of his roughneck father, rapper Jay-Z. While the girl, Rumi, slightly resembles Beyonce.”

Alrighty then, we’ll leave it at that.

Meanwhile, speaking of Blue Ivy, it’s “Corny Joke Time!”

Now, if you’ve been under a rock and just don’t know, “Corny joke time” is a regular installment on Tina Knowles-Lawson‘s Instagram. The word is Tina’s famous daughters, Beyonce and Solange, are not impressed and are in fact embarrassed by tey mama’s corn ball jokes. But hey, who cares what THEY think … Tina’s 2 million followers can’t enough of ’em!

In a recent video post, the 65-year-old stylist and philanthropist was joined by a very special guest: her adorable 7-year-old granddaughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Although Blue Ivy is not actually seen in the video, because she came up with the joke herself, she was nearby and even waved to fans just before delivering her one-liner. And honestly, even though the joke came from an elementary schooler, it’ll make you chuckle … at least a little bit.

“So,” Blue Ivy began. “How many lips does a flower have?”

Lawson responded in the post below: “Well, how many?” This was the moment when—wait for it!—Blue Ivy offered the perfect zinger.

“Two lips,” she said. “Tulips—you get it? There’s a kind of flower that’s called a tulip.”

While giggling, her grandmother conceded, “I got it, I got it.”

Yep, we’re with grandma. We get it, too. So ya see, they don’t call it “Corny Joke Time” for nothing! 🙂

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