Wendy Williams has been in the headlines over and over again about her alleged marriage troubles and her alleged issues with sobriety. Now she’s in the news over her interaction with a fan.

Over the weekend, a bizarre video surfaced showing her shutting down a fan who attempted to hug her. Check out the clip below.

Some fans believe Williams overreacted while others said she’s completely within her right to refuse physical contact with total strangers.

As reported by Celebrity Insider, one commenter wrote “Naw she didn’t have to respond to the fan like that. That’s embarrassing, and the fan was really excited to see her. Wendy is mad rude dawg.”

Another said “See how mean she is? And you get at @50cent for calling her out.”

A third noted: “Exactly why she has issues with her husband. She probably told him the same thing.”

One Wendy defender wrote: “She did say “no hugging” though… why try to hug someone who said they don’t want to be hugged?”

Another agreed, saying “She has rights some ppl don’t like to be touched which is why her hubby been touching someone else.”

What do you think about Wendy’s reaction to the fan wanting a hug?

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