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Wendy Williams has been in the headlines over and over again about her alleged marriage troubles and her alleged issues with sobriety. Now she’s in the news over her interaction with a fan.

Over the weekend, a bizarre video surfaced showing her shutting down a fan who attempted to hug her. Check out the clip below.

Some fans believe Williams overreacted while others said she’s completely within her right to refuse physical contact with total strangers.

As reported by Celebrity Insider, one commenter wrote “Naw she didn’t have to respond to the fan like that. That’s embarrassing, and the fan was really excited to see her. Wendy is mad rude dawg.”

Another said “See how mean she is? And you get at @50cent for calling her out.”

A third noted: “Exactly why she has issues with her husband. She probably told him the same thing.”

One Wendy defender wrote: “She did say “no hugging” though… why try to hug someone who said they don’t want to be hugged?”

Another agreed, saying “She has rights some ppl don’t like to be touched which is why her hubby been touching someone else.”

What do you think about Wendy’s reaction to the fan wanting a hug?

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11 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Shuts Down Excited Fan Who Wants A Hug [VIDEO]

  1. Brenda on said:

    You are right about celebrities. They do not want to touched unless they initiate it. The person with her should have blocked it. That is her right

  2. Rita on said:

    When you are going through things and you have a basket full of emotions all jumbled up, and you still have to do your job, you will always have those days, No Hugging!!!! She may be rude at times, outspoken, and brass, but that is her right, No Hugging !! Would the public have felt better if she said, “ this is flu – virus season, No Hugging.” You still would not be satisfied. Think about it.

  3. Christianforreal on said:

    People need to respect other’s personal space. Wendy may have been a little mean about, but she did say no hugging, in advance. When people do not do what we want at the time then we want to condemn them. Oh Wendy wrong for not giving that lady a hug. Maybe that lady is wrong for expecting Wendy to hug her

  4. Annie B on said:

    People should ask someone before they tries to hug them. My daughter and my son does not like people to hug them, because told not to let people hug them unless they ask. People need to respect other people’s space.

  5. Robert Lee Gillum on said:

    You are there because of people, fans, viewers you fools. If you don’t want to be hugged, photographed, etc then you should make that known like Howie Mandel. Because stop telling people who like your artistry you love them. When in fact you love them making you rich. Users will always be that. People also should see these people as people with talent only and stop believing they care. It’s unrealistic and foolish.

  6. pac4me on said:

    Wendy is NOT my favorite celeb, but I don’t see anything wrong with what she did. You can hear someone saying “no Hugs” and she moved back out of the way and said No! and that’s her right – Some people don’t like to be hugged (I’m one- especially from people I don’t know) and you have to respect that.

  7. Mary William on said:

    Deborah, I agree with you! I’m a normal, everyday person, but if I saw Denzel, no way would I run up to him and try to hug him! What is wrong with these people?

  8. Gracie Leath on said:

    Some people do not want to be hugged. People need to respect that with Wendy Williams. Please leave Wendy alone.

  9. Deborah Gregory on said:

    When it comes to celebrities–there is etiquette–no hugging or physical contact and fans should know this. Also, fans should ask before they pull out a camera–can I have a photo with you please? If the celebrity says, no–that should be respected. Save your hugs for people you know–and who don’t receive as much attention. Of course, Wendy’s reaction was exaggerated and actually the person–employee or friend–who was with her–should have blocked the woman–so that Wendy wouldn’t have to say, No Hugging.

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