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The Chicago Police Union is clearly upset about Kim Fox dropping the charges against Jussie Smollett and they’ve been condemning her for her actions. But, Roland Martin doesn’t recall the Chicago Police Union condeming racis cops for killing Black people.

The National District Attorney’s Association has also come out and condemned her for her decision. But Roland Martin doesn’t remember them condemning the DA’s that didn’t convict killer cops.

The Chicago police sent Jussie a bill for $130,000 because they feel they need the money the spent investigating this case back. Martin finds that odd being that since 2004 Chicago has spent $712 million in police misconduct lawsuits.

“They want to whip Kim Fox for what took place. But they do not want to call out their own,” he says.

We “will call out the thugs, whether they’re in the police department or whether they’re in the Mayor’s office”