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Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer made headlines when it was revealed their seemingly happy marriage was tainted with infidelity. While Pastor Gray assured fans it was only an “emotional” affair, recently discovered audio recordings paint a different picture.

A woman, who remains anonymous, says she and Gray had a physical relationship during an interview with Larry Reid, She says Gray once booked her a room in the same hotel as his wife, but Aventer found out. He left the woman a voicemail warning her that venter had read their text messages. The mystery woman says that she and Gray had Facetime sex, where he would speak in tongues after climaxing. And yes, they two had sex.

She told Reid that she and Gray had been friends for years, but things changed after the woman went through a domestic violence incident that left her vulnerable.

“It started with him—he likes to say—breathing life into me. So he was just there as far as talking to me, pretty much pastoring me, ministering to me. And I called on him to do a favor to a person that I knew that was struggling with some addiction issues. And so I called upon him to help with that. It was an employee of mine. That employee actually wound up speaking with him and it got him on the straight and narrow. So I sent him a text message telling him thank you. And he said, ‘Whatever you need.’ And I was like ‘Well thank you.’ And he said, ‘I’m talking about you.’

John Gray allegedly also offered her financial help when she fell on hard times.

“He would say, ‘The Lord told me that you need some money so go ahead and check your cash app. I already put money in your account.”

He also allegedly confided in her about his marriage and claimed Aventer didn’t satisfy him.

“I ran into an issue financially and he was just like absolutely. and it was a big deal. It was a really big thing. From that moment on, it started from there. It snowballed into ‘I just love you so much. I always loved you. I always thought about you. I always cared about you,’ the woman shared.

“Then he was going through the stuff with his wife and he was saying how he didn’t like her, didn’t love her, that he was never attracted to her, that he only married her because she looked good on paper.”

The woman also had voicemails of what seemed to be John Gray’s voice.

“When you get this message, delete it. My wife saw our text messages from Friday. She knows you were in the same hotel as me and she does not know that I went to your room. She doesn’t remember me leaving. She’s got your number,” he said.

Gray told the public he was only guilty of being  “inappropriate” because he carried on an “emotional” affair. Clearly there’s more to the story.

Listen to her story, below.

WARNING: Graphic sexual language. 





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