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Black women are continuing to break down barriers one first at a time. The latest woman representing #BlackGirlMagic is Andrea Lewis, a Delta Airlines flight attendant, who has just been named by the Georgia National Guard as its first Black female pilot.

Andrea Lewis is the daughter of a military pilot and a commercial flight attendant. After she graduated from University of Georgia in 2009, Lewis followed her mother’s path (a Delta flight attendant for over 40 years) and became a flight attendant herself.

After encouragement from her father, James Culyer,  a pilot for 14 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and a commercial pilot for 22 years, she joined the Air Force Reserve in 2010, and now she’s following her father with her latest appointment as the Guards’ first Black female pilot.

Lewis, a flight attendant for Delta for eight years, also serves as first lieutenant in the 116th Air Control Wing, piloting the E-8C Joint STARS. She is currently gearing up for her first deployment with the Georgia Air National Guard and is on military leave from Delta.

“I remember when my mom would bring the beverage cart to school for Career Day, giving my classmates and I a glimpse into the aviation industry. These memories, combined with the ability to travel the world, made a big impact on my goal to finally join her here at Delta.

“I hope that young boys and girls can follow, not only in my footsteps, but in anyone’s that they admire to achieve their dreams and goals.”




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5 thoughts on “Georgia National Guard Appoints Delta Flight Attendant As Its First Black Female Pilot

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Black women and men have been flying and excelling for decades. Congratulations to this lady for her achievement. However, these racists get no credit for finally opening the door in 2019. Ridiculous small minded coons and racists think black excellence is elusive and rare. You have 17 black female judges sworn in, Harris County Texas. A black female will be the next mayor of Chicago. Black candidates were cheated out of an opportunity in Fl and GA. These continual first are insulting…..I can only imagine the number of qualified blacks that were robbed of opportunities. Just like that college cheating scandal. Unqualified idiot whites secretly get the opportunities. One or two making it is not a reflection on those that don’t. It’s opportunity and systemic racism. Naw, I’m not happy with crumbs and waiting. As Neely Fuller Jr says, if you don’t understand the system of white supremacy, everything I’m about to tell you, will only confuse you.” Fools.

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