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Damn, I hope it’s not time to cancel Daniel Caesar. He has great music.

The up and coming R&B singer went on Instagram Live to drunkenly rant and express his thoughts on Black people, celebrities and more. The rant kicked off with Caesar asking why black people were mean to white social influencer YesJulz who was recently involved in a Twitter back and forth with fellow influencer and “State Of The Culture” co-host Scottie Beam and Karen Civil.

He then turned his attention to “cancel culture,” how Black people need to bridge the gap “can’t win the game by choosing to not accept the winning team’s [white people’s] strategy.” He also addressed Dave Chappelle’s homophobic joke saying “he can say what he wants.” He also had some words for “State Of The Culture” host and Podcaster Joe Budden.

Now the “Best Part” singer did say that anyone that disagrees with him “can stop listening to his music.”

Caesar has some dope music so I don’t think he should be canceled. He even says although he doesn’t agree with Budden and Chappelle’s words, he’s not going to cancel him. Towards the end he says he wants Black people to win.

However, someone should have taken homie’s phone. Let’s see what he says when he’s sober.

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Popular R&B Singer Calls Out Black People In Drunk Rant was originally published on kysdc.com

2 thoughts on “Popular R&B Singer Calls Out Black People In Drunk Rant

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    I agree Ted, but I also blame black people for allowing coons like him to even exist be successful and make a living. We should eradicate boot lickers like this on the spot, they should never be allowed to make a dime off the black community again. But the slave mentality goes both ways, we have this fool here and then we have the forgiving plantation sheep who’ll say he’s entitled to his own opinion. Another Koonye, talented great artist but f-ed up in the head, I guess the white woman and mixed babies will be next.

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Amazing. Another lost coon who so desires to integrate with colonizers. Why are we so desperate to be accepted by racist white people? Fools never learn.

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