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[Update (03/18/19)]

NeNe Leakes shut down reports that she and hubby Gregg have separated. She took to IG to let fans know that’s not true. Leakes shared a photo of herself and the hubby all smiles and in the caption dubbed the news of their separation “#fakenews.” She went on in the caption to express her appreciation and love for Gregg.

“I appreciate you tho Gregg for accepting and understanding that being a care taker is something I’ve never done and i have truly done the best i know how all while making tons of mistakes along the way,” she wrote.

According to the post the couple also has some exciting news coming up in the next few weeks! ” I can’t wait for u to share with the world your exciting news in a couple of weeks,” she wrote.

We’re glad to see that things are okay in the Leakes household!



Well, we have to admit that we didn’t see this one coming. Apparently, Gregg Leakes and NeNe Leakes are no longer together. Or more accurately, they are separated.

NeNe makes the startling revelation on tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.

If you follow NeNe or “RHOA,” you’re already aware that Gregg is dealing with colon cancer and it’s taking a serious on their relationship.

NeNe, on several occasions, has made claims that Gregg is being very “mean” to her. The speculation is that the cancer and its treatments are behind the foul mood that Gregg finds himself in these days.

But, what if NeNe is part of the problem as well? After all, she is NeNe Leakes and even Gregg – sick or not – has to deal with that as well. So, it’s not too far-fetched to think that she could be partly responsible for his attitude. In fact, some are blaming the “RHOA” star for walking out on her husband when he needs her the most.

In any event, in the recap of Sunday night’s show,  NeNe confides to Cynthia that she and Gregg have decided to separate, and that her cancer-stricken husband has moved out and found a place of his own.  One shudders to think what would become of Gregg if he and NeNe take the next step and divorce.

When the two remarried for the second time, Gregg signed a pre-nuptial agreement which stipulates that in the case of a divorce, he will get nada.



There is good news for Gregg. Mean/grouchy attitude aside, it looks like  the cancer treatments are working. He’s looking better and better on social media. Check out the Instagram pic above.

Meanwhile, last week, The Real Housewives of Atlanta taped the Season 11 reunion, and according to insiders, everyone ganged up on star NeNe Leakes for publicly threatening to divorce her husband. An insider told RadarOnline that Marlo Hampton was “very aggressive,” and told NeNe that “she’s a bad friend and wife.” She also accused NeNe of being “straight-up mean to Gregg.”

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10 thoughts on “NeNe Squashes Rumors That She And Gregg Are Separated

  1. NeNe agreed with Cynthia when she said they were already sleeping in separate bedrooms. This woman is unbelievable. I think she needs to get a grip on reality and realize the “reality” world is not actual Reality.

  2. Dianna Simms on said:

    Nene y dont know me but ii have been down that. Road it’s not easy i know but sweet the lord is see hear everything n ever peep we due….stay with your husband. I would nvn walk leave him no matter what case is just have too be bigger beatful p person 💪💪 just stop somtime nene n think honey.diana…🌈

  3. Jacqueline Porter on said:

    I too, thought Nene said Gregg was talking about moving out. Not that he actually moved. If Nene’s fans would be sincere they would admit that her attitude and personality have changed for the worse. She is a vulgar bully and uses her “status” with Andy Cohn to get over on the other housewives. Nene should be very careful about her treatment of others not just the housewives. She is at the point where she think her shit don’t stink. Cynthia has been a teue friend to her and really should stop and continue with her life.

  4. Betty Bolden on said:

    I think be me should rethink about gregg, he is just sick, and she should stick with him, I know if she was sick he would stay with her.

  5. Sounds like Greg initiated the separation I feel like nene was so used to Greg being there for her and almost like a lap dog and now she has to help him and shes not getting as much attention

  6. Leslie on said:

    Umm, I actually watched the show last night, and that is not what I heard her say. She told Cynthia that before she left for Eva’s wedding, Gregg was TALKING about them separating, and that he said he would move out, not that they HAD separated.

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