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In the second part of R. Kelly’s emotional interview with CBS This Morning host Gayle King, the R&B singer addressed his failure to pay child support and blamed ex-wife Andrea Kelly’s “lies” about his abuse as the reason he can’t pay her.

Sources close to the situation are calling BS on some of Kelly’s claims in the interview with King, particularly the part of about “trying to have a relationship with my kids.” ‘

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Drea says she’s open to Kelly reconnecting with their adult children, but claims he has withheld paying her support as a means to control her.

Kelly’s daughter, Buku Abi, who called him a “monster” says she and her siblings have been estranged from their father for years. R. Kelly says that’s because his ex has brainwashed them.

Andrea accused Kelly of physical and emotional abuse during their marriage, alleging he once “hogtied” her and left her on their bed.

Kelly insists she’s lying, as he doesn’t “know how to hogtie people.”

“Why would I hogtie her? My kids is listening to this. All of this nonsense and I ain’t spending no time with them. This is real, this is not a lie,” he wept.

“What kind of woman would tear down a dad who’s trying to have a relationship with their kids?”

Last month the R&B star was hit 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse of four women. He was arrested and spent the weekend in a Chicago jail before a friend bailed him out. Kelly has been released in a separate case of unpaid child support.



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7 thoughts on “R. Kelly Hasn’t Communicated With His Kids In Two Years

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    If he hasn’t seen his kids for two years, they should keep their mouths shut and stay out of the media. Unfortunately, when relationships go south – kids are pawns. If the father is putting the kids in danger, abusive, ect…..I get it. His sex life as long as it ain’t in view of the kids, mind your business. If you don’t like each other, leave the kids out of it. R sounds like a piece of work; his wife Piece of Work #2. She should be protecting them, not encouraging them to be part of the vultures picking at his bones.

  2. Albertah on said:

    R. KELLY GOT LOTS OF HELP from his GOON CREW that’s always got his back! They’re guilty too! They’re the ones who ordered plane tickets & picked those girls up in his fancy vehicles. Wicked Black Men with suits on!

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