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Legendary soul songstress Stephanie Mills shared her thoughts on a number of hot topics during a recent interview with The Root, including Jennifer Lopez’s controversial Motown Tribute at The Grammys, Michael Jackson’s “Leaving Neverland” doc and R. Kelly’s sexual abuse case.

Mills said that while she’s convinced the R&B hitmaker is guilty, she also believes his ex-wife Andrea Kelly should be indicted right along with him for overlooking his perverse behavior.

“I believe that R. Kelly should go to jail for what he’s done,” Mills said. “I don’t believe that his music should be muted. And I also believe that the handlers and his ex and his ex-wife and all of that to go to jail, too. You cannot tell me you live in a house with a man and you don’t know what’s going on. That is not true. I don’t believe that. She should go to jail, too. And so should the handlers that helped him.”

For her part, Andrea claimed in the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary that she too was abused by the singer.

“It started with yelling and being slapped and grabbed,” she said in the doc about the alleged abuse. “He chips away at your self-esteem, your ability to even think. You’re just thinking, ‘What do I do to not piss him off?’”

She also thinks Kelly’s music shouldn’t be tied to his alleged crimes.

“Him writing his music has nothing to do with that. Him being an entertainer and a star,” she said. “And those parents bringing those children to the show and then allowing him— I have a son; there’s no way I would take my son to a Bruno Mars show, and say “OK, Bruno, you can mentor my son. I’m gonna let him stay with you.’ There’s no way.”

The embattled singer, who is currently facing 10 counts of felony criminal sexual abuse in Chicago, conducted an interview with CBS’ Gayle King last week in which he dismissed the sexual abuse claims against him as “rumors.”

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16 thoughts on “Stephanie Mills On Why R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife ‘Should Go To Jail Too’

  1. Marie on said:

    Preach Ms. Mills,
    They should all go down as accomplished. People sell their soul, morals, and close their eyes for that ‘ol mighty $$$.

  2. Stephanie Mill is right on, Andrea Kelly is playing the victim. R. Kelly should be allowed to earn a living. Also, why isn’t the predators in Hollywood being investigated with a vengeance, as R. Kelly.

  3. Christianforreal on said:

    It is possible that she did not know that this was going on. She stayed at home to raise his children and he most likely had a place elsewhere where these things were happening AND she was being abused also. I’m sure he didn’t share with her like that. Now if it’s proven that she did know, then yes, her little ass should fry with his and his handlers and bodyguards and all that had knowledge of his indiscretions.

  4. Kimberly Sudberry on said:

    When Andrea kelly FINALLY LEFT THE HOUSE, she should have told what was going on. The question now should why didn’t she say something? I do agree R. Kelly and his handlers, Andrea AND ANY ARTIST WHO COLLABORATED WITH HIM AND HAD KNOWLEDGE OF THIS SHOULD BE CHARGED!!!!!

  5. I totally agree with Stephanie on Andrea knowing what was happening all those years. But yet, you can go out driving your fine cars, shopping and living large, She was just enjoying the money and not caring what R.Kelly was doing. How are you raising kids in a house with that shit going on and you not know it? That is some bull crap! She should go to jail for at least a year.

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    As far as the wife I don’t think she’s as dumb as she pretends when it comes to R Kelly’s misdeeds. She claimed she didn’t know about his past Aaliyah allegations when they met, which is a lie.

  7. I certainly agree with Stephanie on R. Kellys wife knowing what was going on. She was so wrapped up in the fame aspect. However I dont believe Andrea Kelly should be jailed as she had no control over his actions.

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