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R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea ‘Drea’ Kelly, made an appearance on “The Bert Show” Tuesday morning where she spilled even more tea about her relationship with the controversial singer.

As reported by the ajc.com, the former dancer claims Kellz has not paid child support in months because he’s angry she spoke out publicly about the physical and emotional abuse she allegedly suffered during their marriage.

Andrea and Kelly were married for nearly 10 years and they have three children together — Joann, Jay and Robert Jr.

“He stopped paying child support in June,” she explained on the Atlanta-based syndicated radio show. “It’s another form of abuse. He’s still abusing me financially.”

Drea revealed that she and the kids have not been in contact with R. Kelly, nor do they know his phone number. She also shared that the children call him “Robert Sr.”

“They don’t call him Dad,” she said.

Meanwhile, sources tell TMZ that R. Kelly believes Andrea has brainwashed all three of their children into detesting him. Still, the R&B hitmaker is said to miss his children and wants to reconcile with them.

According to RollingOut, R. Kelly produced a song with Joann Kelly about four years ago. But when his ex found out about it, she went ballistic and Kelly believes Drea caused a rift between him and his daughter.

Andrea says she still has not viewed Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, in which she is featured along with nearly a dozen women who share their history of sexual abuse with the artist.

She said the six-part docuseries is “too difficult to watch right now.”

Listen to the full conversation below:

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7 thoughts on “Andrea Kelly Says R. Kelly Stopped Paying Child Support After She Shared Abuse

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    Maybe Robert, Sr. owes her back support, if the children are all over the age of 18. And in some states, the noncustodial parent pays until the child is finished college. And Ebony- you are so very right, some of us just go on and take care of the children without support from the other parent, cause we are serious about our responsibilities. Why does he world have to know EVERYTHING that goes on with celebs and their families?? Shame!!!

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    She’s no victim, in the documentary she claimed that she didn’t know who R. Kelly was when they were introduced, there’s no way she had no idea who R. Kelly was or his past reputation or allegations, the biggest male R&B singer on the planet. He planned a surprised wedding didn’t include her in any of the details, her family or friends were also not included or invited. She should have known right then that this man was a controller. She was just like all the other women flattered and infatuated by the idea of being with a huge star.

  3. I sooo sick of Drea isn’t this kids over 18..So I would think hes done paying child support..Get a job Drea!!!! I believe half of what shes saying at this point. I sick of her. I believe she was in on the things he qas doing as well

  4. Veronique' on said:

    I’m sorry she was abused by Kelly. He is a monster however my problem with her is one minute shes crying speaking on the abuse and the next she’s dancing in a vehicle celebrating her “BABY DADDY”!

  5. Ebonypride on said:

    I doubt her statement of R. Kelly not paying child support is true. This woman had multiple children with him. Maybe she means the amount she is getting now, is like getting nothing at all.
    True or not, she is still getting attention and collecting money for being Andrea KELLY.My advice to Andrea Leave the home, leave the car,leave the man, leave the marriage, leave the name, and take car of your children. I am not rich but myself and several others do it every years without support.
    No big deal about them calling him Robert, Sr and not dad, I have friends and relatives who call their parents by first name. Some have been calling their mom Mrs. G all their lives.

    • KAustin on said:

      I’m assuming you dont know the full story. She left him 10 years ago. She hasn’t had any contact qith him in years and YES he has completely stopped paying child support. Not a penny not a dime. He is a monster. I’m from Chicago and I know the stories and all the investigations that ended with a large payment.

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