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(Sun Journal via AP)

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — The mayor of Maine’s second-largest city resigned Friday in the wake of a controversy over his leaked text messages, one of which included a racist remark, and authorities confirmed he’s being investigated by the state attorney general’s office and the city police.

Republican Shane Bouchard stepped down as Lewiston’s mayor effective immediately. Text messages made public by a woman who said she had an affair with Bouchard when he was a mayoral candidate revealed a racist remark he sent her while the two were working to undermine a political opponent.

The woman, Heather Berube Everly, has said that she was the source of emails the Maine GOP used to attack Democratic opponent Ben Chin. A website created by Maine Republican Party leader Jason Savage published emails from Chin’s campaign, including one in which Chin said he’s run into “a bunch of racists.” Bouchard went on to defeat Chin in the December 2017 runoff.

The Sun Journal reported Everly has now made public more than 150 text exchanges with Bouchard. In one, Bouchard describes elderly black people as “antique farm equipment.”

Bouchard apologized after the texts became public. He said he says “stupid things and stupid jokes occasionally.” He then held a brief press conference on Friday in which he said he’s “not a perfect person” and blamed the news media in part for his troubles.

“It has become clear to me that the media does not acknowledge personal space and reports on nothing more than rumor in many cases. In this political climate where the media does not discriminate between fact and rumors, it is hard to be a public figure,” he said.

The investigation division of the Office of the Attorney General is working with the Lewiston Police Department on an investigation of the allegations against the now-former mayor, said Marc Malon, a spokesman for the office. He declined to comment further.

City Council President Kristen Cloutier will take over as mayor until the election in November. She also said she doesn’t plan to run for the office. Cloutier said she’d heard some of the rumors concerning Bouchard’s campaign.

“The campaign was fraught with those rumors. A lot of people had heard some of them,” she said.

Bouchard has described the allegations of his affair with Everly as a rumor that was dealt with months ago. Everly hasn’t responded to e-mails seeking comment.

The Lewiston Republican City Committee said in a statement Friday that it “offers its prayers to the mayor, his family, the Lewiston City Council, city officials, citizens and neighbors.”

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16 thoughts on “Maine Mayor Steps Down After Calling Old Black People ‘Antique Farm Equipment’

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    A website created by Maine Republican Party leader Jason Savage published emails from Chin’s campaign, including one in which Chin said he’s run into “a bunch of racists.” Chin was absolutely correct. Republiklans are good at illegal activity and supporting bigotry. There is no way this racist is stepping down because of that comment. Not about black people. Now if he had made that comment about Jewish people, the outrage would be off the charts. I mean VA still has a racist governor in the seat. This would run over and over again if a black elected official was racist, a liar and cheater. I appreciate Heather Berube Everly for outing this fraud.

  2. Autumn on said:

    JHuff lI told you to get your whore ass out of here you are the epitome of an slut. Get your bald headed humpback whale ass somewhere as sit the hell down. You’re one dumb MF.

  3. macdaddy on said:

    to jhuf,if you knew anything, you would know that there are more white people on welfare and food stamps than blacks….look it up,that’s if you can read

    • Butter Pecan on said:

      Blacks make up 13% of the population on this country. Your logic is akin to saying tires are responsible for accidents, not cars. Because there are 4x more of them on the road than cars. Per capita, blacks RULE welfare, and have for generations. Own it sista’

  4. Hey Queen, Michael, D, Quippian, Americanize and Passing Through – yes, he is a dumb azz, no, there is nothing surprising here, it is indicative of their ignorant (brought on by jealousy) view of us, we certainly don’t look to them as our friends, and we surely are not shocked…!!!! They have become a source of entertainment for us….they just don’t know when to go somewhere and sit down!!!

  5. Hahaha. All the elderly white ppl i see look like dried up old prunes. They look at least 20 yrs older than they are. really are.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Exactly, I’m never shocked by the racist because I already know 95% of whites have some degree or racism white supremacy views when it comes to black people.

      • Ahhh just like whites know 95% of blacks have some degree moral and social degradation, have a criminal/lawless culture and only goal in life is to get on the welfare honor roles

    • So where does that leave the 21% of whites versus the 26% of African Americans who are on food stamps? That’s only a 5% difference. Not to mention if the population of whites exceeds those of blaafrican americans then there are more whites per capita on food stamps than African Americans. Not to mention there are more whites in unemployment insurance than African Americans 25% to 14% respectively and. 4 % difference with more whites on welfare than African Americans. Facts-thank your government for the stay. Do your research.

      • Butter Pecan on said:

        Knee growth, that is Obama math if I’ve ever seen it. Fool you listening to Huggy Bear preach the good word down at the Liquor & Lotto Carryout?

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