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Omarosa Manigault Newman has been providing insider information on the Trump White House for quite a while. Though she was ultimately fired by the Trump administration, it hasn’t stopped her from talking about her experiences there.

With all the current scandals roiling the White House from Micheal Cohen’s testimony to a new House probe, Trump is under extreme scrutiny. But Omarosa says that there’s one person in his circle that Trump fears more than anyone. And it’s no one you expect. Here’s what she said on a recent appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball. 


In fact, Manigault Newman readily dropped names when the host, Chris Matthews, bluntly asked her “who do you think Trump fears most?”

“Rhona Graff, his personal secretary,” Manigault Newman said without even having to stop to think. “She knows everyone, she knows the role they play, she knows who knows who said what, when. She set up the meetings.”

“If she is called to testify that would be the end of Donald Trump,” she added.

That being said, Manigault Newman acknowledged that Graff is fiercely loyal to the man who she has worked with for over thirty years, acting as Trump’s gatekeeper even at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she pled the Fifth,” Manigault Newman said.

We don’t know when or if Graff would be called upon, but it’s certainly an interesting take, although even Manigault Newman acknowledges that its unlikely Graff would tell all she knows.

Here’s what else Omarosa had to say when asked about Trump’s racism.

Do you think Omarosa knows what she’s talking about or is she a hustler using her former relationship with Trump to stay relevant?