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A former Palm Beach County, Florida police officer was found guilty of all charges in the 2015 roadside killing of musician Corey Jones.

Nouman Raja, who was fired after the incident, was convicted of manslaughter and attempted first-degree murder in the October 19, 2018 killing.

Raja was undercover when Jones, 32, was waiting for a tow truck after his car stalled on a Florida interstate. A jury of four men and two women deliberated for more than four hours before rendering their verdict. Raja faces life in prison.

Prosecutors in the case argued that Raja, 41, aggressively approached Jones when his car broke down around 3:15 a.m. on his way home from a club performance.

“From the time he pulled up, his behavior and conduct was reckless,” Assistant State Attorney Adrienne Ellis said in court. “Everything he did, he knew or should have known would have led to the death of Corey Jones.”

The officer drove the wrong way up the exit ramp and stopped his unmarked vehicle feet from Jones, acting in what prosecutors called a “criminally reckless” manner, making the musician believe he was being robbed. Jones, threatened, pulled out his .38-caliber pistol for protection. Then Raja fatally shot him six times.

Raja never disclosed to Jones that he was a police officer.


Ex-Florida Cop Convicted Of Manslaughter And Attempted First-Degree Murder In Corey Jones Shooting was originally published on myhoustonmajic.com

One thought on “Ex-Florida Cop Convicted Of Manslaughter And Attempted First-Degree Murder In Corey Jones Shooting

  1. Dot Sierra W on said:

    This guy made the mistake of believing he could kill a Black guy for no reason and get away with it as White cops do. He was given a subtle reminder that he is a person of color also.

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