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Former surgeon Ben Carson revealed in a recent interview on Newsmax TV that he will exit his role as Housing and Urban Development [HUD] Secretary at the end of Donald Trump’s first term in office.

“I will certainly finish out this term,” Carson told the conservative outlet on Monday. “I would be interested in returning to the private sector because I think you have just as much influence, maybe more, there.”

As noted by The Hill, Carson has been with Trump since the beginning of his first term and he faced a bit of scandal over his “spending habits, ethics controversies and possible conflicts of interest,” the political news site writes.

“President Donald J. Trump hired me to do a job as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and we are making tremendous progress ensuring our most vulnerable citizens are empowered with a path to self-sufficiency,” Carson told The Hill in a statement when asked for comment about the Newsmax interview. “I always stand ready to serve this great President and the United States of America.”

Carson had no prior experience in housing or the government when Trump appointed him has head of HUD in late 2016.

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