Reverend Al Sharpton: Michael Cohen Is About To Expose Trump


Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer is getting ready to call him out! He’s prepared to testify that Trump is a liar, cheater and that he knew about the DNC leaked emails.

Reverend Al Sharpton has had breakfast with Cohen a few times in the past few months per, his request. And Cohen has admitted that Trump is a racist despite the meetings that he had with leaders like Sharpton to try to convince them that he’s not a racist.

Trump’s racism was obvious when he said things like Black people are too “stupid” to vote for him, and that countries run by Black people are “s**t hole countries.”

Cohen was once Trump’s right hand man but he’s ready to expose him for who he really is.


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7 thoughts on “Reverend Al Sharpton: Michael Cohen Is About To Expose Trump

  1. The republuthugs are pissed that this hearing is taking place. I’m loving it. Trump is a crook. Always have been, always will be. Why are they so afraid Cohen is going to write a book. Why shouldn’t he? The liar in chief has several fake books out there.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    Cohen isn’t revealing anything about trump that we already didn’t know, what kind of fool believes that he’s innocent with a cabinet administration full of criminals, he’s surrounded by crooks and had no idea. Only dumb desperate Obama hating ass racist trumpanzees who want #45 to win on the heels of a successful black President are still in denial…TICK TOCK! TICK TOCK!

  3. Yep cause that evil racist has done more for black unemployment than 8 years of that clueless oracle Obama and aside from a photo op what did Obama do for prison reform? Or the black lady doing life for drug trafficking, yet Al Sharleton is calling out Trump as lying and deceitful Al (Tawana Brawly, Duke LA Crouse, Jessie Smollett) Sharpton, I can see how Al and Cohen could get along they are both informants for law enforcement when it suits their self-aggrandizement

    • Trump didn’t negotiate shit. The bitch sign the bill but it only affects 10% of the “FEDERAL “ crimes. He was never in on the negotiations. As far as the unemployment numbers. He was lucky to come behind prez Obama who fixed a recession. I don’t care if the unemployment for blks is zero, the blk community will never give that racist in the White House credit. NEVER!!!

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        @ D…The racist want trump to win so bad, he’s failed so horribly at everything else they have to give him credit for something. Even lying about his record.

      • Obama didn’t fix sh!t with his punk teleprompter reading azz you stupid plantation negros will fall for anything no wonder every city and neighborhood you run are sh!t holes. If Obama’s administration was so good why isn’t that stumbling nag Hilary in the WH or why didn’t the economy collapse when Trump trashed ALL of Obamas mandates and regulations not to mention killing Obama care

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