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Imagine opening up your local grocery stores circular to see an advertisement that you didn’t like? According to Christian Post, a owner of a grocery store began getting death threats in response to an advertisement that was running in his paper.

Reggy McDaniel, the Christian owner of Mac’s grocery store sent the weekly circular out with a message on it saying, “Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders. Let that sink in.”

During an interview he mentioned that the purpose of the ad was “to get people to thinking about their salvation.” This story has been drawing the attention of several news outlets and are making some customers very upset.

One said, “Please remove me from any mailers. I will no longer shop in your store. I find your mixture of religion and politics disgusting.”

While McDaniel wasn’t trying to be political it was talking about the current boarder issues we all see in the news.

He added, “I thought it was a really good Christian statement that Heaven has gates and borders and it does have a strict immigration policy: you’ve got to believe in the Son, Jesus Christ, or you don’t get there.”

Even with the death threat, McDaniel shook it off and will continue to run his business the way he chooses to.

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7 thoughts on “Grocery Store Owner Receives Death Threats After Ad ‘Hell Has Open Borders’ Runs In Circular

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    It’s amazing how people make these grandiose, general statements pouting others down. Its amazing thst people will make death threats because they don’t believe in what others believe in. Anyone who has read scripture knows what he says about Heaven is totally true. Whether we believe or not. Maybe the comparison to this border wall was a little stretch, but believe we ALL will not get into Heaven without an explicit invitation

  2. ted gravely on said:

    Reggy is a liar and manipulator. He knew the controversy surrounding comments in support for or against the wall. He just wanted and received free advertisement for his racist coon store. That’s who is still supporting him – racists and coons that are too stupid to know they are stupid. He’s not receiving death threats – another lie. A white man in Louisiana receiving death threats would have contacted every member of the kkk – also known as police officers. Business was slow and he concocted this nonsense. Just like that orange mule at 1600 Pennsylvania fabricated an emergency.

  3. Good for him. People really need to stop apologizing and back peddling whenever someone has a negative reaction to something they do or say. There will NEVER be a time when everyone is going to agree or like what you say or do. Just say what you mean, mean what you say and keep it moving. Had he never made the flyer, no one would ever have known how he felt, and would still supporting his business, not having a clue about how he feels. I swear people let their bigotry and anger prevent them from recognizing a blessing when they see it. Threatening someone’s life just because of their beliefs being different from their own makes them a worse human being than the one they’re threatening. Just ignorant and evil.

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