Fresh off her historic Grammy win,Cardi B has teamed once again with Bruno Mars on a raunchy new single called “Please Me.”

Cardi teased on Wednesday that their new song would be delivered by week’s end. “Please Me” marks the duo’s second collaboration, following the 2018 remix of “Finesse.”

The announcement of the track on Wednesday also saw the end of her brief Instagram hiatus.

“Ok so I’m back from retirement to announce I have a brand new song coming out Friday at midnight with @brunomars,” she wrote in a caption that included the hashtag “#twogrammywinningartist.”

As we previously reported, Cardi deactivated her IG account earlier this week after receiving some major haterade for winning Best Rap Album for her debut “Invasion of Privacy” at the 61st Grammy Awards. She addressed the critics and defended her win in a since-deleted video.

“I’m seeing a lot of sh*t today and I saw a lot of bullsh*t last night… I work hard for my motherf**kin album,” she said. “[…] I locked myself in the studio for 3 months, my n***a. Didn’t go to sleep in my bed sometimes for four days, pregnant… while everybody was harassing me like ‘You can’t do it…’”

“Please Me” was produced by Bruno Mars and The Stereotypes, and you can listen to it via the player above and stream it on Apple Music/iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify.

One fan described the song as “sweet” with “a touch of the 90s/early 2000s mix of Pony by Genuwine and Touch Me Tease Me by Case ft Foxu Brown. Now, this is music”

Cardi B served up “Please Me” to her fans on Valentine Day, along with the clip below of her and hubby Offset getting a frisky for the ‘gram as the track plays in the background.

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