Smokey Robinson is still not through lettin’ folks know he’s not happy with the Jennifer Lopez haters who don’t believe she should’ve been part of the Motown tribute/salute at the Grammys on Sunday.

The bottom line is that Smokey believes people who think there’s something wrong with a Hispanic woman showcasing Motown completely misses the point. He reminds that Motown is about breaking all color barriers. He issued a statement about the controversy:


Keep in mind, you’re talking about the man who was pivotal in turning the label’s sound into a world force acknowledges it represents black culture, but he’s quick to add it also represents other cultures … Hispanic, Asian, everyone.

According to TMZ, Smokey posted a tribute to JLo Tuesday, saying she did an awesome job … calling out critics:

“So now you’re gonna try to diminish the scope of Motown and narrow it down to just music for Black people and you call yourself defending the image of Motown. Well you’re trying to set us back a hundred years.”


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