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Childish Gambino/Donald Glover might want to put his lawyer on speed dial ’cause rapper Jase Harley appears to be getting ready to come for him in the wake of Gambino winning big at the recent Grammys.

Harley is straight up calling Gambino a “house slave” because he now thinks his song “American Pharoah” was ripped off by the actor/singer/rapper.

A TMZ camera guy caught up to Harley on Monday in NYC and learned he was upset with the Childish one because earned he 4 Grammys, including Record of the Year, for his huge hit, “This Is America,” among other top accolades during Sunday night’s award show.

Here’s more via TMZ:

It’s a bit tough to follow Jase’s logic, but he apparently feels Gambino set black culture back by not attending the show and speaking on behalf of the racial issues he raises in the song … and, perhaps most importantly, not acknowledging Jase as an inspiration.

This was a thing a few months back when the song first dropped — people accused Gambino of ripping Jase off, ’cause ‘TIA’ sounds a lot like Jase’s track, “American Pharaoh.”

At the time, Jase appeared to be chill with the whole situation … and even said he was “extremely humbled” that ‘Pharoah’ might’ve served as an influence for Gambino.

Well, it looks like all that is out the window now — ’cause Jase makes a very controversial analogy that invokes slavery.

Like we said up top, it appears that Mr. Jase is strongly considering some legal action against Mr. Gambino who we would strongly urge to lawyer up.

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