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A 24-year-old bartender simply known as Zach admitted to never cleaning his manhood after he presented to it Dr. Naomi Sutton of the hit show “The Sex Clinic” – with a ‘nasty smell’ and pain at the tip. The show highlights Britain’s “sex secrets” in an effort to minimize taboos.

Zach claims to have girls ‘throwing themselves at him’ and has had sex with 40 women but he told Dr. Sutton that his penis had ‘failed him’ when he was unable to ‘finish’ due to his foreskin being too tight.

According to The Daily Mail, he even thought his penis may still be growing and his foreskin was unable to keep up.

But an examination by Dr. Naomi revealed Zach had a serious case of smegma – which is a build up of dead skin, oil and moisture which made his foreskin too sensitive to pull back, the report states.

Zach – who also admitted to having a host of STD’s– told the medic that he was unaware he was meant to clean his penis.

“I’ve never cleaned my foreskin before,” the told Dr. Naomi.

“The Sex Clinic” viewers were horrified to hear Zach hadn’t washed his penis in 24 years. One person responded with “omg HES SLEPT WITH 40 GIRLS!”

Another said: “Where on earth do they find these people to go on this sex clinic?! “If you can’t wash your own bits then you are just looking for trouble”

A third commenter added: “Is anyone else watching the sex clinic on E4? I am genuinely shocked at how little these people know about sexual health!”

Twitter user ColleenMyQueen wrote:  “How can you be 24 and not know how to wash your own penis properly?! I know how to do it and I don’t even have one #TheSexClinic”

Dr. Naomi responded to the online critics by noting on Twitter: “Lots of talk on social media about Zach #thesexclinic It is not uncommon to see #Smegma on examination in clinic; he is NOT the only one who has experienced this problem #keeptalking #letstalkaboutsex #nojudgement #stopstigma”

Once diagnosed with smegma, nurse Sarah asked Zach how often he washes “down there.”

Zach said he cleans the shaft of his penis and his testicles but the foreskin is too sensitive for him to wash with soap. He claims no one has ever told him to pull back the foreskin and wash beneath it.

“If you take nothing away today, just this, wash your penis darling,” said Sarah.

Smegma is a cheesy-looking substance that can build up if a man does not wash his penis every day. If allowed to build up, smegma can: smell and become a breeding ground for bacteria, per The Daily Mail.

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4 thoughts on “Man Admits He Hasn’t Washed His ‘Smelly’ Manhood In 24 Years

  1. I had that problem whereas that crap developed under the foreskin when uncircumcised as a teenager. Told my dad about it and my father took me and my brother to the hospital and we both got circumcised. after that we had no more problems,
    We were born doing segregation and during those times when being born the medical staff didn’t ask whether you want your child circumcised or not.
    Ladies get your boy child circumcised for hygiene purpose.

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